Mesa Verde National Park–Colorado

Balcony House (2)Petroglyph Point Trail (1)A short but great visit to Mesa Verde NP Colorado. We parked our home near the entrance of the park and had a great view of the entrance road to the park. Visiting Balcony and Long House again was awesome. It is a pity that theBalcony House (5)y had to close Spruce Tree House for the foreseeable future because concerns of rock fall. But we have seen it years ago so no complaining. Did some nice hiking, it was a great visit. More pictures over here.

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We have seen Sedona in so many ways

Montezuma NMDriving through Arizona is so great and there is lots to see and do. Everybody thinks only of the Grand Canyon NP but Montezuma Castle with its cliff dwellings and Sedona with its red rocks are jeep tour (7)also great places to go.

We made a jeep tour at sunset, unfortunately not with the spectacular colors because of the clouds but P1070072 (Medium)nevertheless a great ride.

There are miles and miles of hikes. We made several short aTeapot Hike (3)nd long hikes into the Red Rocks NF, one of them was a great hike near Bell Rock with spectacular views. This time of year there are flowers everywhere.

Finally we made a heli flight to admire Sedona  like an eagle, just one big WOW. View our little You Tube movie over here. chopper And more pictures over here.

P1070067 (Medium)This is our second time over here but we will sure come back again. Sedona is a great place to come back over and over again.Montezuma Wells (2)

While visiting we stayed at Verde River RV Resort, the sisterpark of Wineridge (Sedona (3)Pahrump NV) and many others. This park is under construction and will be a perfect place to stay while visiting the area.. The pool and spa were almost finished when we where there and it gives you a good idea how the park will look like later one.

Now we go up to Durango CO,  we will stay in touch.

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We are leaving our (new) friends and family in Pahrump NV

We came for a month but stayed a little longer and we had an awesome time.
CrazyLots of pickle ball, lots of ‘happy hours’, lots of ‘wine dinners’ at the clubhouse,  friday night fun, trailrides…. and great get-friends (3)togethers. Pyjama Partys, Cinco de Mayo and the Wild West show with Bleu grass music.
So much fun and we made and seen lots of new and old ‘Pahrumpian’ friends. A couple of Canadian friends came by on their way home and stayed for aBBQ while.
friends (4)Jan and Barbara came over twice, one time as they where sightseeing the USA with Petra and once on their way somewhere , it was great to see them.

Time flies if you have fun, we  learned some new pickle ball moves so no time wasted. Now it is time to J&Blook for other crazy party’s and crazy fun, we keep you posted.  More pics over Wild West days Pahrump (10)here.

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Another great Trailride

P1060710 (Medium)P1060716a (2) (Medium)We have made another great ride in the mountains with Bob, Dave and Cindy.

The plan was  to drive through CarpP1060718 (Medium)enter Canyon but the melting snow made a little river so we turned around and did some other trails, total of almost 40 mileP1060726 (Medium)s of dirt road, it was an awesome trip.
With the dessert blooming in yellow, white and so many blooming colorful cactus it was a perfect day.
P1060736 (Medium)More pics over here.

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Searching for gold….

Trip to the Mines (10)P1060628 (Medium)Another trail ride into the mountains, gone for over four hours and having lunch at an old mine.

Trip to the Mines (12)There was no gold or silver anymore but on our way back we found gold:  wild horses with a little baby. What a great trip. More pics over here.

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Awesome Trailride to Wheelers Pass

Trail Ride (11)We where invited to come along an ATV trail ridTrail Ride (12)e with Rob and Dave up to Wheelers Pass at 7700 ft.
With a couple of ATV’s, a bike and a jeep we had a great group.  The road is dusty and at the pass it was real cold and very windy.

Trail Ride (1)Gone for almost five hours and a couple of stops we wenP1060572 (Medium)t up and down the mountains starting the trail just behind our RV Park. It was a bumpy road but we enjoyed it very much. Unfortunately we did not see the wild horses but we have seen a snake and a dessert turtle.  More pics over here.

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Back in The USA

Great to be back. Getting everything out of storage, cleaning and enjoying the warm P1060525 (Medium)tja beetje grootweather.

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Indio California, back to Nevada again and then home NL

indian watersWhat fun it was to be in Indian Waters RV Resort, Indio CA. We met so many Canadian friends over here, made new ones -  Canadian and Americans – and PENWplayed a lot of pickle ball together. Also Puk and Wim, our Dutch friends, who are travelling around with their rig, came to visit us for lunch, good to talk with them. Nance and Bob stayed in Indian Waters and we had great Thanksgivinghappy hours and campfires. In Indio and Palm Springs we also did some shopping to take home. We had an awesome thanksgiving dinner, lots of people and lots of turkey.

The time is come to think about going home, so we looked for zandstorm Nevada (3)storage but it was almost impossible to find a good place, eventually we got hold of a great storage in Pahrump NV, that means we had to drive back to Wineridge RV Resort in Pahrump, a short drive of six hours – a beautiful drive through the dessert . Driving down here we had  a little wind, now we know what ‘zero visibility’ means: sand only sand! Spring MountainsThis is the dessert.

Pahrump got snow on the mountains, great view and cold….. brrrrr.pakken (2) We picked up our rental in Las Vegas and did some serious cleaning, packing and with a few days left and getting used to the cold over here we are ready to go the other side of the pond and visit our Dutch friends and family. It will be great to see Inpakkenthem all! It was fun but now it is time to leave our home on wheels for a while.

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Death Valley Nat’l Park, Ash Meadows, Nevada

Wineridge (1)We came to Pahrump Nevada for a week, we stayed four weeks. So much to do and see and we played a lot, lPickleball friendsot, lots of Pickle ball with our great Pahrump friends, so much fun and a good exercise. We stayed at Wineridge RV Resort, a beautiful place with great views on the Spring Mountains. We made Wineridge (2)short off road trips just behind our RVsite and have seen wild horses. We had huge expensive neighbours and also normal people like us…..

Death Valley Death Valleyis only a 45 minutes drive, so we made several trips into the National Artist drivePark. What an awesome park. Temperature is good this time of year only 80 F (28C). Death Valley is 280 foot (80 meter) under sea level so going down gave us great mileages. Frank was a very P1060087 (Medium)happy camper. Even at the end of the day getting home we made 17 miles to the gallon.
We did the Artist Drive, they will close it this winter for road repair after the big flooding last year. Scotty’s Castle and the road to it are still closed and will be re-opend by end of 2019. In 2016 they had a LP1060137 (Medium)OT of flooding over here.
Made great little hikes in Death Valley, still to hot for us for long ones..
We went for an off-road adventure: Titus Canyon – 45 km  – it was just a wide Titus Canyonsenough road for our big truck, but we did it. Such a great tour. Going up and down the mountains, passing a old mining town.

Red Rock Canyon Nat’l Park, a 40 minutes drive just before going in to Las Vegas. Don’t go there in the weekend, we did as do hundreds of other people, but a great place to hike and have a great 15 mile loop drive. It was our second time over here, and again very pretty.

Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, on your way from Pahrump to Death Valley. Ash Meadows (1)They thought about building a city over here, good they did not, such a great visitor center, beautiful aquifer with little bleu fishes (pupfishes) who are endangered.

So lots of things over here in Pahrump Nevada, we loved it and we still have some great time to spend in Nevada and California.  See more pics over here.

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Californian sunshine in Yosemite Nat’l Park

P1050795 (Medium)Unfortunately, it kept raining in North Oregon so we moved south to look for the Californian Sunshine and we found it. So far a great trip. We went south in a couple of days, visiting Myrtle Creek and ended in  Groveland near the west entrance of Yosemite (1)Yosemite National Park.

BeerWe did a lot of exploring, driving and hiking in and around the park. The weather was  beautiful, what a great park to visit but…. a lot (a lot lot lot) of people. The falls are all dried up because of the extreme drought in California, no falls to be seen but in the past we have seen them with a lot of water (and less Tioga pass (3)people in the park!)

Yosemite (1)The Tioga Pass was still open, no snow at all,  so we went all the way up and down, awesome views, we even had a road bear! so we are not complaining at all…..

We made some great trips in the valley, did some bicycling on the valley floor and had great views on the dried falls.

Colombia State Park (1)We visited  Columbia State Historic  Park , a must see when you are here.   They do a good job explaining the Gold Rush-era and all about the mother lode – GOLD.

More pics over here.

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