Indio California, back to Nevada again and then home NL

indian watersWhat fun it was to be in Indian Waters RV Resort, Indio CA. We met so many Canadian friends over here, made new ones -  Canadian and Americans – and PENWplayed a lot of pickle ball together. Also Puk and Wim, our Dutch friends, who are travelling around with their rig, came to visit us for lunch, good to talk with them. Nance and Bob stayed in Indian Waters and we had great Thanksgivinghappy hours and campfires. In Indio and Palm Springs we also did some shopping to take home. We had an awesome thanksgiving dinner, lots of people and lots of turkey.

The time is come to think about going home, so we looked for zandstorm Nevada (3)storage but it was almost impossible to find a good place, eventually we got hold of a great storage in Pahrump NV, that means we had to drive back to Wineridge RV Resort in Pahrump, a short drive of six hours – a beautiful drive through the dessert . Driving down here we had  a little wind, now we know what ‘zero visibility’ means: sand only sand! Spring MountainsThis is the dessert.

Pahrump got snow on the mountains, great view and cold….. brrrrr.pakken (2) We picked up our rental in Las Vegas and did some serious cleaning, packing and with a few days left and getting used to the cold over here we are ready to go the other side of the pond and visit our Dutch friends and family. It will be great to see Inpakkenthem all! It was fun but now it is time to leave our home on wheels for a while.

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Death Valley Nat’l Park, Ash Meadows, Nevada

Wineridge (1)We came to Pahrump Nevada for a week, we stayed four weeks. So much to do and see and we played a lot, lPickleball friendsot, lots of Pickle ball with our great Pahrump friends, so much fun and a good exercise. We stayed at Wineridge RV Resort, a beautiful place with great views on the Spring Mountains. We made Wineridge (2)short off road trips just behind our RVsite and have seen wild horses. We had huge expensive neighbours and also normal people like us…..

Death Valley Death Valleyis only a 45 minutes drive, so we made several trips into the National Artist drivePark. What an awesome park. Temperature is good this time of year only 80 F (28C). Death Valley is 280 foot (80 meter) under sea level so going down gave us great mileages. Frank was a very P1060087 (Medium)happy camper. Even at the end of the day getting home we made 17 miles to the gallon.
We did the Artist Drive, they will close it this winter for road repair after the big flooding last year. Scotty’s Castle and the road to it are still closed and will be re-opend by end of 2019. In 2016 they had a LP1060137 (Medium)OT of flooding over here.
Made great little hikes in Death Valley, still to hot for us for long ones..
We went for an off-road adventure: Titus Canyon – 45 km  – it was just a wide Titus Canyonsenough road for our big truck, but we did it. Such a great tour. Going up and down the mountains, passing a old mining town.

Red Rock Canyon Nat’l Park, a 40 minutes drive just before going in to Las Vegas. Don’t go there in the weekend, we did as do hundreds of other people, but a great place to hike and have a great 15 mile loop drive. It was our second time over here, and again very pretty.

Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, on your way from Pahrump to Death Valley. Ash Meadows (1)They thought about building a city over here, good they did not, such a great visitor center, beautiful aquifer with little bleu fishes (pupfishes) who are endangered.

So lots of things over here in Pahrump Nevada, we loved it and we still have some great time to spend in Nevada and California.  See more pics over here.

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Californian sunshine in Yosemite Nat’l Park

P1050795 (Medium)Unfortunately, it kept raining in North Oregon so we moved south to look for the Californian Sunshine and we found it. So far a great trip. We went south in a couple of days, visiting Myrtle Creek and ended in  Groveland near the west entrance of Yosemite (1)Yosemite National Park.

BeerWe did a lot of exploring, driving and hiking in and around the park. The weather was  beautiful, what a great park to visit but…. a lot (a lot lot lot) of people. The falls are all dried up because of the extreme drought in California, no falls to be seen but in the past we have seen them with a lot of water (and less Tioga pass (3)people in the park!)

Yosemite (1)The Tioga Pass was still open, no snow at all,  so we went all the way up and down, awesome views, we even had a road bear! so we are not complaining at all…..

We made some great trips in the valley, did some bicycling on the valley floor and had great views on the dried falls.

Colombia State Park (1)We visited  Columbia State Historic  Park , a must see when you are here.   They do a good job explaining the Gold Rush-era and all about the mother lode – GOLD.

More pics over here.

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Rain in Neskowin, Oregon, Columbia Gorge

The Dallas, ORTravelling the USA is so much fun! We still fiSilver Falls State Park (2)nd new roads to explore. We drove the beautiful Columbia Gorge for the first time, heading for the coast of Oregon. We stayed a few nights in Silverton, did some serious shopping and enjoyed walking the trails in Silver Falls State Park.

Now we are Neskowin OR (5)exploring Neskowin, Tillamook County  – famous for the cheese.  On arrival we made a great walk on the beach behind the rv park and we even enjoyed the sunshine.
Neskowin OR (7)So far the weather was good but the Oregon Coast is known for its rain and fog, and now we have rain: lots of it.
Cape Lookout OR (2)Time to do some inside work, restringing our day and night shades, cleaning and working on our admin. We hope the sun will start shining soon or even some dry weather would be great, so we can continue our travel along the coast  or ….. as long as it is south!
More pics over here.

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New roads and places to explore

Lethbridge (1)ChelanWe crossed the border into the USA, travelling south through Washington State into Oregon is so much fun. We have great fall weather and although we have seen a lot of this state so far still there are new little cities to Lethbridge (10)explore.
Like Wenatchee WA great for shopping, biking and walking along the Columbia River. And then Leavenworth, a great little BavarianApple Loop Trail (2) town with lots to do and so well maintained and what about all the great fruit stands along the road, this time of year many variety’s of fresh picked apples.
Apple Loop Trail (3)In Wenatchee you can bike the Apple Capital Loop trail, a 11 mile multiple use trail along the Columbia River. Rocky Reach Dam (4)It is very well maintained and along the way they have stops where you can go into the Columbia river.  A little bit upstream you will find the Rocky Reach Dam, one of the many dams in the river. They provide fish ladders for the Salmon and in the visitor center you can see the salmon swim against the stream.

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Goodbye Kelowna Canada

trestles (6)We had a great time in Canada but now Wandeling (3)it is time for new adventures.
We are heading south, new and old roads to explore. This summer we made so many good new memories with all our Canadian friends. See you’ll soon.

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Beach, peaches, working and hiking

wandelenTiresIn between lazy days at the beach we do some work in and around the rig.

We fixed the broken door of our oven/microwave, got ourselves five new tires on the Fifth Wheel, and fixed the water heater, still some little things we have to do. Microwave
It is a an awPeachesesome peach season, there is an abundance and we eat them right of the trees on our own RV park and freeze some for later.

We meet a lot of friends: living in Kelowna, visiting from elsewhere or passing through. We play pickleball

West Kelowna (1)together and/or having great get-togethers.

Unfortunately fire season started, just a coKnow mountainuple of days ago we made a trip along the west side of the lake to Fintry Provincial Park. Now the road is closed because of a big bush fire. It is always scary how fast a fire can grow. Still this year is not to bad, maybe today we will have a little rain.
In short, we are busy in a very relaxing way.

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Kelowna – BC Canada

CanadaweekendWe arrived in our favorite summer destination: Kelowna! We had a great trip so far, even with the heavy traffic during Canada Day long-weekend – we had no problem coming into Kelowna. All the Albertans went home…. BBQ in regen

The sun disappears still to often but we can have our BBQ under the awning and our own home Great Winemade wine ‘Chateau Neuf du Roi’ from the Wine Kitz is awesome so we do not have any reason to complain.  werkenWithout the high temperature Frank got plenty of time to work on the unit.

After a period of rain when the sun comes out again they start to rescue the cherries from cracking with a little red helicopter, just flying over our heads as you can see here in our short movie.

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Looking for dinos in Alberta

LethbridgeWe checked out the Lethbridge AB area and did a lot of hiking and biking along the Old Man River, just outside our RV park, in the Lethbridge Nature Reserve & Indian Battle Park. Old Man River (4)
You will also find the High Level Bridge, built between 1907 and 1909, 1.6 kilometer long and 96 meters high, impressive and still in use, it is situated in the middle of this nature.  Old Man River (3)We were surprised to see pelicans in the river, so strange in the middle of Canada! but fun to see them fishing and flying around. They come over every summer -  so we Fort Whoop Up (3)were told.
In the park is the rebuilt Fort Whoop Up, used in the late 1890 for trading furs,whiskey and muchFort Macleod (1) more.
We also made a trip to Fort Macleod, an old town with an original fort, named after Macleod, used  by the RCMP and well preserved. HagelslagEnough to do and see over here. And the most important thing, we found a store and they sell ‘Hagelslag’, Roze Muisjes’ from de Ruijter’’’ (famous Dutch brand) and much more real DBleriot Ferry (9)utch stuff we like.

We drove through the prairies and then dove into Wayne Alberta (4)this beautiful coulee  of the Red Deer River – called the Canadian Badlands – to Drumheller. It is a little bit more north into  Alberta and…. famous for their dinosaurs, there are dinos everywhere and everythingRoyal Tyrrell Museum (2) is called Dino. We are not into the dinos but the Royal Tyrrel  Museum is a Royal Tyrrell Museum (1)must see,  it is all about the dinos found over here. We made some great hikes and auto tours. And if you are lucky you can make a ride downtown with a ‘bicker-dino’.

Drumheller Alberta (1)More pics and dinos over here.

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Great to be in Canada …. again! Saskatchewan

Havre MT (2)After this great trip so far we are in Canada (again). Always sad to say goodbye to the USA but fun to be back in Canada. We made a great trip through Montana, long never ending roads 260 kilometers straight,  just Lange rechte wegthe northern part, ending in Havre MT where we did some serious shopping. At our last stop we had to replace the head of our electricity cord, Frank ripped one of our chairs so we had to buy new Onderwegones, all on our last day.

We crossed the Canada border (2)border on one of the most remote crossings, Wild Horse.  This was very interesting, we got some good info about the crossing and the province we where entering.  For miles (or kilometers) we drove through the prairie. A cow, a deer and 2016sometimes another truck was all we seen. Great to be in Canada again.

We stayed one night in Maple Creek Saskatchewan because we neededMaple Creek SK the provincial sticker on our USA/ Canada Map. We found a RV park just along Highway 1, great place for a stop and No Trains. We will be in Lethbridge AB for a week and explore the ‘neighborhood’.  More pics over here.

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